hugo: Limited Edition Box Set


Release date: 28 June, 2024


The hugo toolbox - A lasting place.

Just as my dad with words unspoken gave the tools to me, I’m passing these down to you.

A place to keep ideas safe, to hold the music, to give you space away from your phone.

Edition of 1000.


• 1x Toolbox

• 1x Chess Board with Custom chess pieces
(Made by Sunny)

• 1x Incense
(Made by Cremate)

• 1x Incense Burner

• 1x hugo car key with keychain

• 1x Pin Badge

• 1x Certificate of authenticity

• 1x Notebook

• 1x hugo Process Book

• 1x Georgetown Flexidisc

• 1x Plastic Flexidisc

• 1x hugo: reimagined (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) Vinyl LP

• 1x hugo picture disc Vinyl LP

• 1x Hidden Message